Sep 29, 2023
11:59 PM - 6:00 AM
547 Av. Diagonal, Barcelona Catalunya, Spain

Jackies pres: Louie Vega 4h set at Tunnel

Sep 29, 2023
(ESP) Como os prometimos, seguimos con nuestra residencia del maestro Louie Vega, esta próxima fecha será el 29 de septiembre en Sala Bikini, será el escenario perfecto para disfrutar de este increíble evento. Su atmósfera íntima y su excelente sonido te permitirán vivir la música en su máxima expresión. Además, podrás disfrutar de un set especial de 4 horas, donde Louie Vega desarrollará un viaje sonoro a través del House Music.

(ENG) As we promised, we continue with our residency of the maestro Louie Vega, this next date will be September 29 at Sala Bikini, it will be the perfect setting to enjoy this incredible event. Its intimate atmosphere and its excellent sound will allow you to experience music at its best. In addition, you will be able to enjoy a special 4-hour set, where Louie Vega will develop a sound journey through House Music.

Enjoy the electrifying beats and soulful rhythms of JACKIES extravaganza, the ultimate House Music label has taken Barcelona by storm. We firmly believe in the transformative power of House music, which serves as a unifying force connecting communities. Our parties transcend borders, uniting music lovers worldwide and delivering an unforgettable sonic journey.

We have had legendary parties in the foremost electronic music capitals around the globe. From our residency at the illustrious La Terrrazza and W Hotel in Barcelona, to the winter haven of Tunnel, and the iconic Musica NYC club nestled in the heart of Manhattan, our presence has left an indelible mark. We've graced Miami's renowned music week, sailed through Amsterdam's annual ADE gathering alongside the esteemed Louie Vega, and captivated audiences at Egg and W Hotel in London. Further, we've shared sacred spaces with Defected in Ibiza's Eden, embraced the mystique of Tulum's legendary Vagalume, added summer sparkles in Marbella, set the stage ablaze in Madrid, and revealed in the warm embrace of our beloved Medellin, among other cherished destinations.

In the heat of summer, we find solace and joy in dancing under the radiant rays of the sun and the gentle glow of the moon, as open-air venues serve as our celestial playground. In the colder months, we seek refuge in the pulsating basslines within the confines of renowned clubs. It is with utmost pleasure that we extend a warm invitation to join us in a relentless dance to the rhythm of House Music, guided by exceptional artists of the highest caliber. Release yourself from the shackles of daily life, disconnect from the digital realm, and immerse yourself in the enchanting ritual of our transcendent House Music experience.

Brace yourself for the upcoming launch of our record label in June, where Piem collaborates with the legendary Todd Terry, igniting a new era of sonic innovation and setting the stage for a dazzling fusion of artistic brilliance.

Artists we have worked with: Louie Vega, Moodymann, Dennis Ferrer, Todd Terry, Richy Ahmed, Steve Lawler, Christian Smith house set, Sam Divine, The Shapeshifters, Davide Squillace, Catz n'Dogz, Kevin Saunderson, among others.

Clubs: La Terrrazza Barcelona, ​​Pacha Barcelona, Musica Nyc, ​​Eden Ibiza, Vagalume Tulum, Supperclub boat Amsterdam, Mogli Marbella, Egg London, to name just a few.

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